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About the Artist

A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

Not Kingdom is an American Hip-Hop/Rap artist from Tennessee. Also known as Dom and Kingdom, he goes to Middle Tennessee State University and writes music in his free time. Not Kingdom is also locally known for not latching to any certain styles of music, and when he’s asked about why, the response is simply, “why not?”   Having most of his discography in the Hip Hop genre, you can also find him sitting by the campfire playing a guitar singing a ballad, or on occasion he has also been known to throw out a rock song here and there. Not conforming to any certain styles or expectations allows him to show his true life through his music.  While writing music and staying in school, he has a very positive and energetic outlook on life that is easy shown through his quirky attitude and ability to have fun. Spending most of his time outside of music and school hanging out with his friends just truly enjoying life.  “If I had one thing I wanted people to take away from me, I’d tell them to live life. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do - it’s you’re fucking life, ya know?” -Not Kingdom

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